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Jiangsu Finelegend Musical Instrument Group was founded in 1968, which is a large enterprise specializing in producing violins and guitars. It has a total staff of 1,100 people, of which more than 400 are technical personnel. The company covers an area of 138,000 square meters, with an annual output of 350,000 various types and grades of violin products, more than 600 thousand guitars, and more than 150,000 electric guitars; more than 90% of the products are sold in more than 86 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, and Italy. The company ranks first in the world in terms of violin production scale, technology, and exports. The sales of the company has ranked first……
We select maple wood and “zui” wood to make the back plate and use high-quality white pine or spruce wood for making the top plate. Quarter-sawed lumbers are used, which are dried naturally for more than three years.
This seemingly simple process actually requires very delicate crafts, and if the patchwork is not good, after the violin is made, you can see black lines on it, affecting the appearance of the instrument, and even seriously it can affect the sound quality.
Different planes and accurate manual measuring instruments are used; it is required to reach the standard dimensions; otherwise it can seriously affect the sound quality.
Both sides should be bilaterally symmetrical
The scroll is very difficult to carve, which has to be done by experienced masters; the shape and size of the scroll have long been stored in their eyes and hands; the masters should not only feel them at hand but also make artistic creations.
The top plate, the back and side plate, the maple ribs and the two end blocks are glued together into an instrument, which is done by skilled craftsmen; a specific temperature is required; otherwise it will cause the instrument to unglue or crack.
The ultrafine wood slots should be filled with thin strips of wood, which should be smooth, reflecting the beautiful shape of the instrument body.
The height of the fingerboard must be up to standard
Purely hand painting, to maintain the best sound quality.
Each instrument has a corresponding saddle, and the curvature of the bottom of the saddle should perfectly fit the top of the violin.
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